Promoting Health Awareness Initiatives in Monroe, Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Health is devoted to safeguarding and advancing health and providing access to medical, preventive and rehabilitation services for all citizens. The department offers an app that provides direct access to behavioral health services with a single tap, as well as information on services for people with developmental disabilities and other helplines from state, regional and national agencies. The Health Studies program at the University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM) provides students with a strong foundation in humanities, advanced science and health studies courses that equip them for a professional health career. Experiential learning opportunities range from experiences in medical centers to public service and community-based activities.

Learners can create a curriculum full of diverse experiences based on their interests and career goals, and faculty are available to help them explore possible professional careers, build networks in their chosen field, enhance the most sought-after professional skills, and develop a professional portfolio. The National Easterseals Disability Health Services Association (NEDHSA) has sponsored the next performance of the Grambling concert choir to be held in Garden & of the Biedenharn Museum in Monroe, Louisiana. This event is an excellent chance for local media outlets to promote health awareness initiatives in the area. The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at ULM offers four dynamic degree options that prepare students to enter a variety of health-related fields in management or pursue a graduate program in specific professional health fields such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant or DO schools.

The report on the state of equity and access to people with disabilities by Easterseals, in partnership with The Coelho Center and Voya Financial, examines disparities and opportunities and highlights the most pressing problems and solutions to advance and ensure disability equity in education, employment, healthcare and transportation.

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