Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Monroe, Louisiana: Accessing Quality Care

Are you or someone you know in Monroe, Louisiana struggling with substance abuse? If so, you're not alone. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 225,000 Louisiana residents admit to regularly binge drinking and 6% of the population abuses alcohol. Fortunately, there are a variety of quality treatment programs available in Monroe, LA that can help individuals overcome their addiction and lead a healthier life. At Mercy Multiplied, we offer a 100% confidential substance abuse evaluation and treatment placement tailored to your individual needs.

Our drug and alcohol treatment is affordable and low-cost, as we accept Medicaid health insurance. We provide a wide range of mental and physical health services to help individuals overcome their addiction. We also offer experiential therapy, which helps people overcome emotional disorders by participating in real-time events. We understand that not everyone has private health insurance or federal funding to cover the cost of treatment. That's why we accept all five of Louisiana's top Medicaid insurance plans, including Aetna Better Health, Healthy Blue, AmeriHealth Caritas, Louisiana Healthcare Connections and United Healthcare.

We also provide payment options to ensure that those who need treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) can receive it regardless of their financial situation. When looking for a drug rehabilitation center in Monroe, Louisiana, it's important to find one that provides expert care and is LGBTQ-friendly. At Mercy Multiplied, we don't discriminate on the basis of gender or sexual orientation. We also allow our clients to bring pets during their drug and alcohol treatment. If you or someone you know needs help finding drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs for inpatients in your area, please complete our form. We are here to help you get the quality care you need.

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