Unlock Your Potential in Health Sciences at Louisiana Delta Community College

Are you looking to pursue a career in health-related fields? Monroe, Louisiana is home to Louisiana Delta Community College, an open-admissions university that offers multiple paths to higher education, career, and personal fulfillment. The college offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with four dynamic degree options that prepare students to enter a variety of health-related fields. The curriculum includes a strong foundation in humanities, advanced science and health studies courses that prepare college students for a professional health career. Health Studies professors are experts in their fields and are available to discuss a wide range of health-related careers and the application process in areas such as medicine, dentistry, physician assistants, optometry, nursing, health management, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Health Studies teachers help students consider pursuing a specialization in other areas, such as psychology, gerontology, Spanish, biology and business administration. They also offer excellent mentoring to help students explore possible professional careers, develop networks in their chosen field, improve the most in-demand professional skills, and develop a professional portfolio. The variety of experiential learning opportunities available to Health Studies students ranges from experiences in medical centers to public service and community-based activities. The Health Studies program is offered on campus and is 100% online, providing flexibility in course offerings.

While in the Health Studies program, you can create a curriculum full of diverse experiences based on your interests and career goals. At Louisiana Delta Community College, you can unlock your potential as a health leader or licensed health professional by earning your bachelor's degree in Health Sciences or a graduate certificate in interprofessional leadership in healthcare. You'll find welcoming and supportive faculty in the Health Studies program who are eager to help students succeed in their studies and in their healthcare careers. If you're looking for an opportunity to pursue a career in the health sciences field, Louisiana Delta Community College is the perfect place for you. With its open admissions policy and wide range of degree options, you can find the perfect program to fit your needs. With experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields and a variety of experiential learning opportunities available to students, you can be sure that you will get the best education possible.

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